Drift Bar Costa Rica


Based in the beautiful beach towns of Santa Teresa and Malpais, Drift Bar is a Vegetarian Restaurant, Bar, Cocktail Shop and Art Gallery. Offering a large menu of delicious cold pressed cocktails to enjoy either here in our lounge and art gallery, or take individual and liter sized bottled cocktails home with you to enjoy any time.

Inspired by World Cuisine, our restaurant is completely vegetarian and offers many vegan and gluten free options.

Restaurant, Bar, Gallery and Cocktail Shop hours:

Monday – Thursday 12pm-11pm

Friday – Saturday 12pm – midnight

Sunday 3pm-10pm


A little about Drift concept…

Our concept is simple: remove all artificial ingredients from cocktails and replace with natural, fresh pressed juices. When using fresh fruits to make cocktail mixes, the need to add sugar is drastically reduced; when sugar is required we use unrefined organic sugar cane. Using a cold pressed juicer we make our own fresh juices, and infuse alcohol with locally grown organic herbs and spices. All cocktails contain a minimum of 2oz of alcohol per drink.

We believe in the concept “You are what you eat”… and that the same applies to what you drink. Less sugar in your cocktails means less hangover and our cocktails have the added bonus of being both tasty and nutritious.


Our food menu was created by owner Sharon Ramsay who has cooked vegetarian meals for over 30 years and combined all her favorite recipes in one menu. Seasonal specials or her frequent cravings can often pop up on the menu, so there’s always something new to try.


From our Cocktail Shop

We offer a selection of over 30 ready made cocktails in both 200ml and 1 Liter bottles, just shake, pour over ice and enjoy. As our cocktails are made with fresh ingredients and without additives, bottles should be refrigerated and consumed within one week of purchase.


We do all we can to be a waste free business. All waste from making our natural juices and vegetarian food is stored in bins and composted at the end of each day. Cocktails are sold in sealed glass bottles which we ask our clients to kindly return when emptied: bottles are then thoroughly washed, sterilized and reused. As our cocktails are best enjoyed served over ice, biodegradable cups filled with ice are available at no charge. Reusable ‘Drift Cooler Bags’ filled with ice are available for purchase: any time you return to the store to purchase drinks, bring your Drift Cooler Bag with you and we will refill with ice for free.