Costa Rica


Established in 2015, Drift Bar initially started out as a premium Mobile Bar Service for weddings and events, specializing in cocktails made with fresh cold pressed juices. Popular demand outside of events for our cocktails sparked the idea of selling bottled cocktails To-Go, and we opened the doors to our Cocktail Shop in December of 2017. The following year we expanded into the adjoining space and opened our bar, restaurant and art gallery: thus combining all of owner and creator Sharon Ramsay’s passions: mixology, vegetarian cooking and art.

 Drift Bar, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Vegetarian restaurant, cocktail bar and art gallery


Centrally located in Playa Carmen / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Drift Bar is hard to miss. The impressive warehouse structure with cathedral skylight ceiling is a unique sight in our small town and an unexpected surprise to all who visit.

Grab a drink and wander though our art gallery, relax in our shaded lounge with free WIFI, or watch the world go by from our wrap round patio bar. Open for lunch, dinner and late night snacks, 7 days a week, year round.

Cocktail Shop

Bottled Cocktails To-Go

cocktails to-go, Drift Bar, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


From a large roll up window, all our specialty cocktails can be purchased in bottles to-go. Whether it’s to host a party or simply to enjoy some of the best cocktails in your own time: on the beach, by the pool, anywhere really… we have something for every taste. All cocktails are sold in both liter and 200 ml bottles and are good for at least 7 days when kept refrigerated. We make a set amount of each cocktail per day: if anything sells out we’ll have it back on the shelves next day. For this reason, any large orders we suggest pre-ordering at least a day in advance to avoid disappointment.

Each individual cocktail contains minimum 2.2oz of alcohol and all are made with fresh cold pressed fruits reducing the amount of sugar needed.

cocktails to-go, Drift Bar, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Restaurant & Bar


Our restaurant is 100% vegetarian with many vegan and gluten free options. The menu is inspired by world cuisines: many dishes were learned from old family recipes passed on to Ramsay during her travels, others though years of experimenting in her kitchen. Frustration from decades of eating bland, uninspired vegetarian meals made her all the more determined to create a menu that even avid meat eaters wouldn’t realize they’d just eaten a vegetarian meal.

 ~ I don’t want anyone to look at my menu and think “rabbit food”

From the bar we have around 30 different specialty cocktails available daily, cold pressed juices, good selection of national, imported and local artisanal brewery beers, imported wines by the glass or bottle, coffee and tea.

 Organic vegetarian and vegan food, cold pressed cocktails, Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Ecologically Sustainable

Compost ~ Recycle ~ Reuse

From the very beginning a major focus of both bar and restaurant was to be ecologically sustainable. All waste or leftovers from producing both meals and cocktails is either composted or given to local farmers to feed their animals. Vegetable oil used for frying is collected by a local friend and transformed into biodiesel for his vehicle. All fruits and vegetables are delivered in crates to avoid the use of plastic packaging. Our business is free of single use plastics: To-Go food containers are fully compostable, and all To-Go cocktails are sold in glass bottles which we offer a refund upon return: bottles are then sterilized and reused. We produce less than 2 bags of garbage per week as a result. Small changes and daily practices by both individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on our environment, it just takes a little extra thought and effort.

We recently participated in a project created by our friends at Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper in collaboration with National Geographic. Their idea is to create incentive for local businesses to become ecologically aware and responsible by offering courses in appropriate waste disposal, appropriate wastewater treatment, and giving directions on how to convert to a no single-use plastic business: all businesses who meet their requirements are awarded an Ocean Friendly Business Certificate. We were proud to take part in the course and we even learned a few new things in the process! We encourage all businesses to follow their incentive… as the old saying goes: “it takes a village”…