Sustainability and Recycling



Every measure is taken to ensure ecological sustainability in the production of all our cocktails. Where possible we source ingredients from local farmers and have our fruits, herbs and vegetables delivered in crates as opposed to plastic bags and containers.

As each of our cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, we collect and compost all fruit waste from making juices each day. Nothing is wasted: if we do not use it, we return it to the earth.

In an effort to keep our beaches clean and plastic free, we offer biodegradable plastic cups at no charge. Reusable ‘Drift Cooler Bags’ filled with ice are available for purchase: any time you return to the store to purchase drinks, bring your Drift Cooler Bag with you and we will refill with ice for free.



In effort to encourage the return of bottles we will charge a small deposit on each. All bottles returned will be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and used for future cocktails. If you don’t have time to bring bottles to the store, we are happy to come collect from your vacation rental or hotel. Simply ask your concierge if they are part of our recycle program and they will contact us to come collect all Drift bottles.



This planet of ours is a precious gift, let’s treat it accordingly…