Art Gallery featuring studio work space and current works by resident artists

Sharon Ramsay and Sandra  Mott




Sharon Ramsay

Sharon Ramsay was born and raised in Scotland, immigrated to Canada after finishing her studies in fine art at Edinburgh College of Art, and has since traveled, lived and painted throughout Europe, North America and Costa Rica. After almost two decades of living in cities and painting predominantly urban scenes, Sharon now lives in a small surfing village on the pacific coast of Costa Rica where she paints scenes of the ocean and stunning sunsets she sees each day.

“The ocean to me evokes a sense of peaceful tranquility, an opportunity to catch one’s breath and contemplate. Often the things that seem important in city life lose their significance when sitting on the beach staring into the ocean. It is my hope that my paintings evoke these same sentiments.”


Sandra Mott

Artist, painter, jewelry designer and creator of Lady Sea Wench Designs, Sandra Mott lives and creates her artwork in the beautiful beach towns of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Painted on found wood, her pieces are incredibly detailed, delicate and powerful.

“I like to create art that is both fun and unique, incorporating my love of adventure, art deco, art nouveau, and legends of the sea. Places such as the old seaside amusement parks of New Jersey, the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica, and the lovely island of Catalina in California are all a constant source of inspiration for me.

My paintings are inspired by everything adventurous, mystical, and weird. They are a mix of dark and light: a kind of East coast meets West coast style. They are stories of the ocean, the jungle, the Wild West, rock ‘n roll, motorcycles, seaside amusements, and folklore.”